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Sachs MadAss Performance
Committed to developing new an innovative products for the Sachs MadAss.

Top End Rebuild Video Now available

Whether you are going from 50 to 88cc's, or 125 to 142, this video will guide you through the process.



MadAssMotor Shootout!

We started with a dyno and a MadAss 125, and proceeded to unleash it's true potential. We have assembled and tested all kinds of combinations to come up with a solution that satisfies both your pocket book, as well as your need for speed...


Custom Builds by Moto-Scoot

Whether your looking for better performance on the street, track, or have that occasional dirt road to explore, we are constantly developing components to make sure the the sachs MadAss is used to it's fullest potential. We spend hours developing, and even more hours testing all of our components for reliability.


Steve Guzman of Motorcycle.com Reviews the Ass Pipe from Moto-Scoot

Here's a video...


Check back for more reviews as Steve and his team test other MadAss performance parts from Moto-Scoot.





88cc Big Bore