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"Throw A Kit on it!" is what we like to say around here, when somebody asks what they can do to get more performance from their scooter. Sounds simple enough, but it's not.

We've spent allot of time (and money!) testing what fits, and what works, on many different brands of scooters- And we pride ourselves on only selling the right combination of parts for noticeable results.

Below is just an example of what we have found.






















For this example, we started with a TGB Laser 50cc two stroke scooter. Two-stroke scooters are all essentially the same when it comes to engine performance, and these results are typical.


First off we start with our "Stage 1 kit". By adding a pipe, air box modifications, roller weights and re-jetting the carb, both an increase in acceleration and top speed is achieved. The characteristics of the power band (RPM's where maximum horsepower is made) is changed with the installation of the high performance exhaust and intake mods. Roller weights and carb adjustments are installed to accommodate changes to the powerband for maximum acceleration and top speed..

Because there are so many different type main jets on the market, to anticipate which style every scooter has is extremely difficult. To combat this, Moto-Scoot includes jet drills instead of replacement jets. Simply remove the main jet and drill it to the proper size with the precision jet drill included with all of our kits.




While many kits on the market offer individual pod type filters, We here at Moto-Scoot prefer to install air box vents instead. By retaining your stock air box and intake points, increased air flow is achieved while maintaining consistent, low maintenance performance.





As shown on this dyno chart, an approximate 40% increase in horsepower is achieved with our Stage 1 kit.






Stage II includes the same parts as the this stage I kit, but with a larger main jet drill and 70cc cylinder kit. To help maintain OEM reliability, All Stage II cylinder kits provided by Moto-Scoot are cast iron, and all pistons are of the dual ring type.







As seen on this chart, an over 65% increase is achieved. Expect about 55mph from this kit.








We'll be honest with you, the typical stage3 kit is for serious racers and builders. With an aluminum cylinder, single ring piston, and ultra high RPM exhaust - installing these parts require changing the crankshaft, carburetor, and intake system, as well as more serious mods to the clutch and belt than just adding roller weights. RPM's are increased from a redline of approximately 10,000 rpm's to an astonishing 15,000. Revs like this require not only a high performance crankshaft, but frequent maintain of the piston and cylinder. Expect mind blowing acceleration and a top speed of over 70mph. If you are serious about installing these parts, please call us and we can guide you through the proper steps to ensure your stage 3 experience is more fun than work.

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